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Reindeer – Extending the Cloud Computing Landscape

Reindeer is a revolutionizing platform that envisions to streamline the present cloud computing domain. It has leveraged the potential of blockchain technology to democratize the entire cloud computing process. The decentralized platform addresses critical challenges associated with cloud computing system dealing with high downtime, security threats, inflexibility, etc. to provide an ecosystem that solves all Read the full article…

SOMESING – A Fun and Rewarding Karaoke Ecosystem

Karaoke is derived from a Japanese word in which ‘Kara’ means empty and ‘Oke’ denotes orchestra. While originated in a small town in Japan in the year 1970, Karaoke presently is one of the popular forms of entertainment for music lovers across the globe. It enables users to recreate their preferred songs over pre-recorded track Read the full article…

Future of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain- Simon Cocking

What is the future of cryptocurrencies? This is a question, asked by many; to which varied answers have been given by various connoisseurs of the industry. According to Editor-in-Chief of CryptoCoin.News Simon Cocking, numerous coins are created and will be created but the ones which are of value to the people; the ones which serve some Read the full article…